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Buy Table Lamps Online in Pakistan & Choose from a wide of Lamps Designs by Dareechay

Table lamps are one of the most sought after items in home decor. Table lamps are practical as well as a great way to make a style statement. They can be used in multiple places. Bedside lamps are great in bedrooms and very practical in usage. Desk lamps in office are also very practical. Living room lamps lend a great ambiance to the room. This makes table lamps a very popular home decor item. You can now buy latest lamps designs online in Pakistan right here at Dareechay at the best prices.

Some key things to consider when buying table lamps are the following:


Dareechay offers lamps in multiple sizes: small, medium and large. Depending on your room and the space available to you, you will have no problem in finding a suitably sized lamp for yourself. Sometimes, going against the conventional way can really improve the ambience of your room. For instance, picking a Turkish lamp with mosaic design can lend a room unique feeling which could not be possible with a small lamp. You can buy table lamps of all sizes online in Paksitan at Dareechay


Lamp shades make or break a lamp. No matter how beautiful your lamp is, if the shade doesn’t complement it, the lamp won’t look good. Luckily for you, Dareechay has taken the guess work out by including shades with lamps. Our online collection of lamps has shades which fully complement the lamp design, ensuring you get the best overall lamp possible. If you still feel that you want different shades, you can let us know and we will fulfill your request.


Build material is also important consideration. You want a lamp which is durable and lasts a long time. Dareechay only uses durable material in its lamps, ensuring there is no compromise on build quality. Our Turkish Lamp designs comes with mosaic cubes. These are protected by bubble wraps and corrugated sheets before these are shipped.

You can buy a wide collection of table lamps online in Pakistan at Dareechay.

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